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Gas safety checks are essential.

Gas safety checks are essential for both preventing accidents and maintaining the efficiency of your gas appliances. Our multi-stage gas safety checks in York are designed to give you complete peace of mind and confidence in your gas system.

Our team of Gas-Safe engineers can handle all your gas safety and gas fitting needs, big or small.

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If you're looking for complete peace of mind and gas safety, JDN Plumbing & Heating have you covered. We can provide you with:

  • Connecting your new appliances to the gas line, before performing thorough leak checks and verifying all components function properly
  • Repairing and maintaining your existing gas lines, ensuring the integrity of your gas system
  • Carefully disconnecting your appliances, allowing you to relocate it to a new position
  • Detecting and repairing gas leaks
  • Testing the combustion process of your gas appliances to identify potential issues down the line
  • Verifying the built-in safety features of your gas appliances

Don't wait for a potential gas leak or appliance malfunction to disrupt your life – Schedule a conversation with JDN Plumbing & Heating.

gas fitting and safety check being carried out by engineer